Since the firm’s foundation in 2014, we have built a strong team of individuals who love and excel at what they do. One of our core values is “People“, because we are focused on building relationships, fostering teamwork and nurturing camaraderie. We don’t view our people as cogs in a machine, but rather the driving force behind every success of the firm. Our people and work environment make us truly a unique law firm and a great place to work. Behind everything we do is a simple understanding: we take care of our people because they take care of our clients.

The team at Donovan & Ho comprises people of various faiths and ethnicities. In the spirit of respect and appreciation of this diversity, our office interactions, social activities and outings always take into account the different cultural and religious sensitivities of our colleagues. We value the differences of every colleague that have contributed to our firm’s strengths, and have worked hard to establish a firm culture and working environment based on mutual trust and respect.

We also understand that for those who have taken a break to start a family or to care for loved ones, returning to the workforce can be difficult, especially in our rapidly changing profession. We recognise the value in this non- traditional talent pool and have engaged lawyers and other employees who are parents returning to the workforce, on specially crafted terms of service to cater for their specific need for flexible working arrangements.


  • There are no vacancies at the moment.

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“It is very refreshing to be treated with respect and on equal footing with my peers.” – Chong Ee Lyne, Associate

“The firm has been very supportive of me when I was juggling work and pursuing my MBA, and genuinely celebrated my achievement thereafter.” – Nadhirah Aiman, Senior Administrative Executive

“I’m always appreciative of the support from Donovan and Shawn, and the rest of the team, in allowing me to work independently, and yet they are always there to offer guidance without hesitation.” – Adryenne Lim, Legal Executive

“I am proud and thankful to be part of this amazingly supportive firm. Everyone is always helpful and patient with me, and they encourage me to step out of my comfort zone.” – Siti Baharuddin, Administrative Executive

“Trying to find a balance between work and family is never easy but I’m happy that this young and vibrant firm affords me that, and allows me the flexibility with my working hours.” – Lorrine Xavier, Business Development Manager